LUNCH 11-2:30 pm, DINNER 4-8:30 pm, HAPPY HOURS 4-6 pm

About Maui Thai Bistro

Q. What’s In A Name?

A. Nothing, and yet everything. This has been the location of a Thai restaurant for most of the past 20 years. Much has changed in that period, including the transformation of Thai food from something exotic into the mainstream of haute cuisine. The change of name from Restaurant to Bistro signifies our commitment to a friendly, unpretentious neighborhood place where good food may be enjoyed by all. The retention of Maui in our name symbolizes our affection for this island that we call home, and we plan many dishes to celebrate this paradise of ours.

Q. How will Maui Thai Bistro differ from other Thai restaurants?

A. In equal measure, the emphasis will be on both authentic and contemporary Thai food. We all grew up cooking and eating Thai food, but the Thai culture is an open, living culture and our food mirrors that fact. In the words of Thomas Wolfe, you can’t go home again, so while many of our mainstay dishes will reflect our nostalgia for the food we grew up with, patrons will find an extensive selection of innovative and exciting new dishes at the intersection of both authentic and contemporary. Much emphasis will be placed on local seasonal ingredients, organically farmed where possible and without man-wrought poisons such as MSG!

Trip Advisor

“Definitely a place to eat every time you visit Maui.”


” I’ve been to many many Thai restaurants all over the world, and I find the ingredients at this restaurant to be the best I’ve ever experienced, even in Thailand.”

Open Table

“I wish there was a higher rating than 5, Maui Thai Bistro has earned it.”